How does it work?
Sustainability without worries

  • You have a business accommodation with a large roof surface.
  • You aspire to sustain your business.
  • We consult with you whether your roof is suitable for solar panels.
  • We will take care of the installation and exploitation of the solar panels.
  • You contribute to sustainable energy and when the occupier of the property uses up a lot of power, he can directly purchase the generated green energy.
  • An additional benefit of the solar panels is their insulation effect, making it possible for companies with cold store and freezer facilities to use up less power.

Sustainable energy yields a profit
According to political agreements, the share of sustainable energy in The Netherlands should be at least 14% in 2020. This still requires big steps. With your large roof surface, you can help making these steps without cost. Zon Exploitatie Nederland supports and facilitates you.
Interested? Any questions?
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