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For Zon Exploitatie Nederland quality is of importance. Therefore we devote all possible care to date, accurate and reliable information on this website. We strive for good accessibility of this website and the electronic services we offer. The information on this website can not be derived. The error-free operation and continuous accessibility of this website and our electronic services can not be guaranteed.
Zon Exploitatie Nederland accepts no responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete information on this website or damage caused by malfunctions.
Zon Exploitatie Nederland does not guarantee error-free operation or uninterrupted access to the website or other electronic services offered by us.
Zon Exploitatie Nederland accepts no responsibility for the content of sites not maintained by Zon Exploitatie Nederland and referenced in links or referring to this site. Zon Exploitatie Nederland reserves the right to change the information on this website.
Zon Exploitatie Nederland does not guarantee that emails or other electronic messages are received and processed on time and accepts no liability for consequences of failure or delay in receiving or processing. Agreements with Zon Exploitatie Nederland are our terms and conditions apply. When deviation between the printed information and information on this website the text of the printed version is the right version.
Zon Exploitatie Nederland uses and stores only the personal data which are directly entered or of which it is clear that they are provided to Zon Exploitatie Nederland. This data is included in the customer database of Zon Exploitatie Nederland for the execution of the agreement. You hereby consent to the use of this data for the following purposes:
E-mail addresses
Zon Exploitatie Nederland uses the email addresses provided by you only in the context of business operations and to provide you with the best possible service. Email addresses are not transferred, sold or otherwise used by Zon Exploitatie Nederland for unsolicited purposes.
Zon Exploitatie Nederland can collect and analyze information about the use of this internet site, including the domain name, the number of hits, the pages visited, previous and subsequent websites visited and the duration of the user session. This data can be collected with the help of a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that our webpage server places on your hard disk. You can allow or prevent the use of cookies, if desired, by changing the settings of your browser.
Internet sites of third parties
This privacy policy does not apply to internet sites of third parties that are connected to this internet site by means of links.
Changes to privacy policy
Zon Exploitatie Nederland reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. It is advisable to consult this Privacy Statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes. You have the right to inspect your data and change this data. Ask for access and changes in your personal data or complaints about privacy can be directed to:
Zon Exploitatie Nederland
E: info@zonnl.com


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